When something doesn't accept?

    hesitated before boarding any articles that can carry on the plane, no problem, here on goods carried by air tips before boarding.

    CAAC provides of ban flight passenger carry carry or checked of items including: various guns (including military gun, and corporate with gun, and civilian gun, and other guns), and ordnance, and apparatus, and national ban of guns, and armed with and above items of imitations (including bullet shell and bullet shell made of crafts); explosion items class, including various explosives, and blasting equipment, and Fireworks products and above items of imitations; control tool; flammable, and easy burst items (hydrogen, and Oxygen, alcohol, gasoline, kerosene, diesel and all kinds of antioxidants), poison (toxic pesticides and other items), corrosive materials (such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid), radioactive materials, such as; other endangered flight security and national law prohibited the transport of other goods.

    prohibited carry-on items that can be checked as baggage such as kitchen knives, scissors, knife, razor knives, scalpels and other professional tools, arts program with a variety of knives, swords, and so on.

    after seeing these related tips, whether to help next time you Board, you hesitated to Board carrying a lot of time.

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