New Zealand routes between the two places deal with Cathay

    in New Zealand airlines and Cathay Pacific announce today, both on the New Zealand-Hong Kong route reached an agreement, with effect from January 31, December 12 to make a reservation.

    the agreement has been approved by the Administration, to bring a series of benefits to passengers.

    according to the agreement, both sides will, in all its activities New Zealand and Hong Kong flights code-share arrangements, to provide passengers with more flight options. Through the close cooperation of both sides, flight schedules would be better as a whole, promote the connecting flight service, strengthened through Hong Kong to the Mainland of China, as well as Auckland New Zealand links in other cities, so as to provide more convenient services to passengers.

    passengers will have more opportunities to earn and Exchange flight points or miles. New Zealand aviation Star award scheme and Cathay Pacific Marco Lo members at the highest level to take the code-share flights are entitled to a range of premium services, including access to lounges, extra baggage allowance, and other priority services.

    in addition, passengers can enjoy a wider range of fare options. And by sharing best practice with each other and interface between the operational procedures, will be able to offer a higher quality service to passengers.

    New Zealand aviation Chief Executive Officer Rob Eyfe said: "Hong Kong is one of our main strategic routes of the Pacific Rim, and is an important gateway to China. Reached an agreement with Cathay Pacific, but for our passengers greatly enhance the number of connecting flights through Hong Kong to the Mainland of China, visitors are also more discounted fares, selected by Cathay and its sister airline Dragonair to the Mainland via Hong Kong. ”

    he added: "We also believe that the CPA and Dragonair in China and improve the aviation network, visiting New Zealand code-share flights, and the benefit of the agreement will stimulate the Mainland visitors coming to New Zealand tourism demand. ”

    Cathay Pacific Chief Executive Officer John slosar said, "is very pleased to work with New Zealand airlines to strike a deal, help us to further explore the potential of this huge market, also can bring significant synergies for both companies, provide better service for passengers.

    two powerful airlines to work together, will give passengers more choice and better service.

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