Met at the airport carrying LV bag borrow money from people do

    airport scams news frequently in recent days, there was a lady, carrying LV bags and deception at the airport.

    recently, said a Netizen in a posting on Twitter, when he was at the Qingdao airport, aircraft, a middle-aged woman said Internet users were tricked into, think back to Harbin by air, after the good friends gave her 300 yuan, the woman left a cell phone, but you can't get through, which makes this a surprise, doubt faced liars.

    according to the users introduced: "at is November 4 4 o'clock in the afternoon more, at I also in, aircraft, then has one middle-aged woman towards I through to, see with not like poor, she of body also with a only travel box and a LV package, then with poor of tone said she himself to Qingdao see users, results was cheat has, now she is worried back Harbin, back zhihou on through Bank put money returned to I, and left has phone,, let I then contact she, I thought without thinking, you think this woman is poor, nor does she dress up like the poor, and left a phone, so didn't think much, gave her 300 dollars, she said, "thank you" and then disappear in the crowd. "

    to has money zhihou, the users call other phone wants to understand situation Shi, is has been no people received listening to, this only let he was has wrong: "other phone has been no people received listening to, I to check has about, found this phone, is Beijing of, and in online found has about this phone,, found zhiqian also was was cheat had, and will himself was cheat of after sent to has online, so I also in micro-Bo Shang sent about himself was cheat of experience, After that there are more people cheated. "

    repeated calls to this phone number, find each other phone users have said went unanswered. Reporter queries to this phone number belongs to in Beijing in April this year in Henan province was also deceived, and after things are strikingly similar.

    another one users such description with at of experience: "April 2012, I from xinzheng airport took aircraft out, met a cheats, this 40 age around of woman, with travel box and passport, dress, and temperament can, looks family good, at is said flight returns Harbin, hand inside money enough buy back of tickets, poor more than 200 more Yuan, is no took with LV of package, but does is plump, at she said have is sincere, Then leave the phone and said to contact her after easy money. Although I suspect there may be false, but she was very sincere, and the difficulties of trying to help people, to meet their requirements. Then call this number has not been opened, after an enquiry found phone number is not in Harbin, Beijing, knew he had been deceived. Although he had been deceived, but also is a problem-solving, not feel regret, just draw the user's attention. "

    reporters subsequently learned from Qingdao airport police station, since the user made this situation in weibo, staff have been promptly advise the Terminal police, police inspected the entire terminal building but haven't found the suspicious woman, also did not receive a similar warning after, has now stepped up patrols to prevent the targeted behavior. Meanwhile, airport police also remind the passengers in case of alarm, properly safeguard their property, beware of fraud.

    plump Lady airport to borrow money like this situation will arise in the future, just to remind people, when you help a stranger, a few more in mind.

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