Eastern Anhui Province first women pilots

    in the past, pilots only men at the airport, now more and more girls to blue sky also has big dreams, in addition to the flight attendant, now have a more bright than the flight attendant selection, China Eastern Airlines will be in 2013, the Anhui recruit female pilots, it is understood that this is Eastern Anhui recruit female pilots for the first time.

    recruitment conditions

    It is understood that the recruitment of pilots in 2013, full-time Bachelor graduates, through national English test; previous graduates, through the college English test band six preferred age, be born between September 1, 1988 – August 31, 1995.

    in terms of body, man is 170-185 cm, females required between 165-173 cm in height shall be. Weight shall be in accordance with civil aviation pilot recruitment BMI standards, naked vision monocular (c-Visual acuity) of not less than 0.3.

    intends to sign up students in Anhui Province, outside the school, mainly to online registration, combined with site registration; in Anhui Province studying can be used directly to the college students ' employment guidance Center application.


    China Eastern said the examination written examination and interview in two parts, mainly English, the psychological quality, integrated, and so on. Of students eligible for recruitment, by Eastern Airlines Company signed training agreements. Subsequently, in domestic institutions for a 6-8 months of basic theory study of flight, Flight Academy abroad for a period of 12 months of flight technology and driver training. Company will bear the costs associated with flight technical professional training, a total of 700,000 yuan. Meanwhile, during the training period, the company will pay trainees a certain amount of subsidies.

   , however, the airline said, and training as a whole is a certain rate, at around 10%. Non-grounded due to subjective reasons, students do not need to bear any of the costs, the company will terminate the training agreement.

    into the company of flying cadets after one year of training, examination was promoted to the Assistant driver, and growth for the mainframe engineer General 6-8 years. Fly very high salary speculation, China Eastern Airlines also revealed that pilot salaries: "Copilot stage salary of about 400,000 yuan, pilot stage annual salary for 800,000 yuan. ”

    China Eastern Airlines pilot recruitment efforts in the coming year, Anhui girl will have a few new dream stage of blue sky.

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