China Eastern Airlines travel clothes part of cotton-padded clothes

    recent rain and snow caused a big impact to the flight, also influenced the work of flight staff, recently, China Eastern Airlines Travel Service Department staff distributed a coat to ensure the quality of work.

    on November 4, Beijing rain and snow throughout the day, the capital airport outdoor temperature below 0 degrees, wind whistled on the tarmac, people will soon be frozen through the heart cold. Hattori ahead of Beijing Branch of China Eastern, strengthening the forces on duty; employees work overtime to overcome the snow guarantee flights. Ground services branch of the Department making the 80 sets of winter clothing to the travel service Department staff, which meet to go out to work to their employees to wear cotton thermal demands of shuttle flights. Evening Shuttle flight staff are wearing a new coat for outdoor work, employees ' enthusiasm and initiative has been greatly improved.

    17:20, while wearing a sweater's Travel Service Department staff Mr Tommy CHEUNG will deliver the last several passengers, monitor Wang Teng personally for her new coat against the cold. Mr Tommy Cheung said: "Although it was cold, but the company's concern, our hearts warm, enthusiasm is high. ”

    Han Chongxin Brigade serving staff this afternoon to pick up inbound passengers. He wanted an outdoor waiting for passengers have been taking Ferry bus arrival hall baggage claim, a flight to transport more than more than 200 passengers, he often had to wait half an hour or more in the open air. It is very cold today, but after he put on the new clothes feel warm. He said: "today it snowed, cotton-padded clothes to wear, help!"

    in the past, Eastern Brigade of clothing people wear coats are so thin, the wind is very easy to penetrate, and now employees on board with a thick coat, and improve work efficiency, work more energetic, travellers also had a big smile.

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