Boeing's reorganization to cut costs

    the Boeing Company intends by 2015 to cut $ 1.6 billion in costs, will reorganize the defence, aerospace and security businesses, management positions in 2010 compared with 30%, as part of a cost-cutting plan will close plants in California, consolidate several business units.

    Boeing defence, aerospace and security sector Chief Executive Officer Dennis Muhlenberg says, market challenges, opportunities and customer requirements requires Boeing to set higher goals, saving $ 4 billion spending will improve Boeing's operations, to better respond to the increasingly complex and challenging market.

    all of the United States arms makers are under pressure to cut costs, adopt various measures in the United States military spending decrease in retained profits.

    restructure news, Boeing to recover earlier losses. Earlier in the day, Boeing shares fell $ 2.27, or 3.2%, to 69.31 dollars, mainly because of concerns after the re-election of President Barack Obama, United States defence spending will diminish. As of closing, the company's shares fell 2.05% to $ 70.11 dollars a share.

    on the Boeing Company announced an internal restructuring in will greatly reduce costs, respond to the international situation.

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