Boeing Airbus rivalry at Zhuhai air show

    2012 Zhuhai air show will be held next week, from 13th to 18th, when two aircraft manufacturing giants Boeing, Airbus will stage "dance competition", during the air show, will be significant in a number of partners of the cooperation agreement.

    Boeing (China) communication services said in media interviews yesterday, with the previous air show aircraft models are on display, during the air show, Boeing will exhibit a Lamborghini next-generation flagship supercar Aventador to help out. Company officials explained that sports car with the 787 Dreamliner aircraft can be described as "composite of a loved one", both of which significantly with carbon fiber composite materials, to achieve higher performance and lower fuel consumption. Except super sports car, a Boeing 777-300ER, 787-8, 747-8F model and 737-8MAX model will debut at this year's air show.

    It is understood that Airbus and Boeing on behalf of the future development of the aviation market in two different directions. "Boeing" believes that the aviation market of the future need for a capacity not too much, but range far enough aircraft, designed the 787 "dream machine". Airbus believes that the aviation market of the future will need to fly larger aircraft in the hub, so you can save frequency, conducive to energy saving and emission reduction.

    Airbus China company, said yesterday at the Zhuhai air show, Airbus will highlight 21st century flagship Airbus A380 and new engines on display in China for the first time by A320neo family aircraft models. Up to now, a total of 20 customers ordered 257 A380 aircraft.

    in addition, the Airbus A320neo will be put into operation in 2015. Because the 15% function to reduce fuel consumption, since its launch in late 2010, A320neo order has nearly 1500 aircraft, becoming the fastest sales growth models.

    Yang Xiangang, Deputy General Manager at the Zhuhai air show in Hong Kong recently introduced, exhibitors of this year's Zhuhai air show countries and regions reached 39, nearly 650 national and international aerospace exhibitors, 240 of them are foreign companies. Forum and the signing ceremony and other activities will be held during nearly 60, total contract amount is expected to exceed the previous $ 9.2 billion.

    during the air show in Zhuhai, the hegemony of the two giants Boeing and Airbus, we will see more of the picture.

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