Air China opened Shanghai with stops at Chengdu flights to Xichang

    a piece of good news, Air China also opened a route from Shanghai via Chengdu flights to Xichang, prior to this, from Shanghai to Xichang, have to transfer in Chengdu, a full 8 hours, the opening of this route, greatly shorten the travel time, passengers in Shanghai within 4 hours to Liangshan State in Xichang.

    on October 28, the Air China opened Shanghai through the Chengdu-Xichang of Sichuan Airlines. Prior to flying to Xichang from Shanghai, you need to transfer in Chengdu, a full 8 hours. The direct flights to shorten the travel time, Shanghai tourists within a 4 hour direct States Xichang of Liangshan autonomous prefecture.

    netizens, "says to Xichang from Chengdu by train and then to fly back to Shanghai, much cheaper than direct flights from Chengdu to Shanghai, also play a place, very good."

    after the opening of the route here, shorten the journey time, I believe for the development of tourism between the two places is not small.

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