After the guy driving the plane escape door

    It was reported that one flew for the first time after the boys open airplane exit and emergency slides were triggered by mistake, it needs to pay high compensation to airlines.

    on November 2, flew a flight to Guangzhou, Sanya dropped during this thing. Airlines explained that emergency slides after the restore process is complex and costly, and to remind passengers not on any touch facility, so as to avoid accidents.

    door is not lifted, the emergency slide was triggered

    Airlines introduces mistake passengers exit the plane, was flying for the first time after the boy. November 2, at 10 o'clock in the evening, flights from Sanya flight landed at Baiyun Airport in Guangzhou. He would escape in the middle of the plane doors open and inflatable slides are triggered. According to reports, 1.5 hour flights because of air traffic control delays, staff later learned that the passenger in a hurry hurry to go home, open the escape door from where it is to get off the plane.

    the airline staff said, triggered the escape door passengers escaped is not sitting by the door, he walked from 51 rows of seats to 46 rows, the 3rd on the right emergency exit open. At that time the plane was stopped and crew chief has not yet lift the door arm, to escape when the door was opened the plane's inflatable slides are automatically expanded.

    "do not lift the door arm means, the system default aircraft is in a running state, representative opened the escape door in case of emergency, and inflatable slide is automatically ejected. "One airline staff, also passengers to open the doors in the past, but was after the lifting arm, so the door opens but does not trigger an inflatable slide.

    the airlines a crew chief surnamed Xu said, if the escape door was open when the aircraft taxiing or flying at high speed, light is sucked out from the machine outside, while the passengers flying out of the door outside, even disintegration of the aircraft.

    back slide cost at least tens of thousands of Yuan

    South Xinhua learned from airline and airport security, after the passengers had been taken to investigate the incident, airline 27000 economic claims, but did not disclose the amount of compensation.

   , the airline said that compensation due to the aircraft's emergency slides were triggered after the high cost recovery, leading to subsequent delays caused economic losses.

    said an airline with maintenance, aircraft and emergency slides after the restoration, is a very complex process. Sent to shop to check whether there is damage leak, if there is damage to be scrapped, which can exceed hundreds of thousands of. Slide itself if there is no damage, demand recovery is equipped with high pressure cylinders under pressure, sliding folding back. "The whole process is extremely rigorous and complex, sliding folding Pack forming, also need a special weight pressure so as to meet the standard size, this process only takes about 4-5 days. Check recovery process it all in around 20th, only a few companies qualified for this work. Labor, materials, equipment, material and other losses add up to more than tens of thousands of Yuan. ”

    has views think, the passengers first times sat aircraft, unknown situation errors open escape door extenuating circumstances; and airlines think, escape door Shang has in the English reminded identifies, put hand has glass cover cover, flipping to must angle also will issued warning; took off Qian of video, and broadcast, and seat Qian of flight security notes Shang will on this for tips, thus think into to has told of obligations.

    after the guy driving the escape door, requiring tens of thousands of Yuan of compensation amounts, varying views on this community, can only be resolved things.

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