by plane was carrying alcohol shall comply with regulations?

passengers are not allowed to carry bottles, and cans of liquor into the aircraft cabin. If it proves necessary to carry, each no more than 2 bottles (1 kg), and must be checked. If passengers carrying alcohol in violation of the above provisions, airport security officers will persuade them to return; to carry passengers of liquid beverages, each can carry up to 2 bottles, capacity shall not exceed 500 ml per bottle, check and must accept the security of Kaifeng.

second is whether they can carry knives?

must be placed in checked in luggage.

third, Fireworks, firecrackers, a lighter band right?

fireworks are inflammable, does not allow passengers to carry on the plane, it can not be checked. Once detected, the transfer of the public security organs according to law. Allows passengers to carry no more than 5 lighters, returning more than 5 per cent of the parts will be security. Flights to United States flights are not allowed to carry-on or checked the lighter.

four tourists can bring pets?

civil aviation regulations pets cannot be carried into the aircraft cabin. If peers, must provide the quarantine certificate, after the airlines agreed to be checked for.

five magnetic objects can take a plane?

some passengers have to buy small toys made of magnetic levitation principle "Frisbee magic", which is strongly magnetic objects cannot be achieved through the security checks on the planes, it can not be checked. Due to strong magnetic objects can affect aircraft navigation systems, is not conducive to flight safety.

What are valid documents of six is the opportunity?

effective flight vouchers for: identity cards, certificates of officers, soldiers, retired military certificates, passports and exit permits, certificates of seafarers. If the ID is lost or expired, under my account can be issued by the local public security organs of the provisional identification. Minors under the age of 16, you can use the student card, household register or account identification, issued by the local public security organs. People's Liberation Army, people's armed police forces of workers, retired persons, in seeking to discharge within six months, job cards, army experience opportunity. Using false identity papers will be subject to public security organs according to law.